Colbie Sterling

"The Boss"


Female Human (Midlunder) Intellectual Field Mechanik / Soldier
Height 5’ 9”, Weight 130lbs, Faith: Morrowan

PHY 6, SPD 7, STR 4, AGL 4, PRW 4, POI 4, INT 4, ARC X, PER 3
WILL 10, CMD 8,
DEF 13, ARM 11, INIT 14

Battlefield Coordination, Bodge, Find Cover, Hit the Deck!, Intellectual, ’Jack Marshall, Natural Leader, Sentry

Hand Weapon 1, Pistol 2

Detection 1, Command 2, Craft: Metalwork 1, Driving 1, Mechanikal Engineer 1, Medicine 1, Survival 1

Ordic, Cygnaran


Armored Great Coat SPD 0, DEF -1, ARM 5
Slug Gun RNG 4 RAT 6 POW 14
’Jack Wrench MAT 3 P+S 7
Dagger MAT 5 P+S 5

Ammo Bandolier
Mechanik’s tool kit
Traveling Clothes
Flint Striker
Rope, Hemp 20’
Glasses, tinted



Description: Lean, dark-skinned, black-haired woman. You wear an armored great coat and dark clothes that won’t show grease stains from working as well as tinted glasses for eye protection. You keep a ’jack wrench you can hit things with but prefer to rely on your massive slug gun in battle. You also have an ammo bandolier, a dagger, and a variety of tools stowed away.

Background: Your family ran a salvage yard in Fisherbrook and you always had a knack for fixing things. Eventually you got some formal training and became a union steamo, joining the Steam and Iron Workers Union, Chapter #18. You gravitated to the mercenary life, and it suits you. You have a reputation for staying cool in a fight and keeping your machines running even in the worst circumstances. Some scoff at the range of your favored weapon, the slug gun, but it hits like a freight train. The Black River Irregulars was your idea. You have a small, well-rounded group that can handle anything. A couple of years ago you scored a great deal on a broken old laborjack you nicknamed Doorstop since it didn’t have arms and could barely walk. You’ve fixed it up, but the nickname stuck. You have to tinker with it every day to keep it running, but you’ve become fond of it. Doorstop could use some upgrades, and that won’t be cheap, so you’ll take any job you can get.

Attitude:You enjoy it when a good plan comes together, and so long as everyone knows their role, that happens more often than not. The truth is, you have a good team, though they can be a handful. Keeping them on task while making sure Doorstop is doing what it’s supposed to do
can be a challenge.

Personal goals:You’ve been working hard to get the Black River Irregulars established as a mercenary charter and won’t stop until that happens. It’s your ticket to success and fortune— and, eventually, better ’jacks. That means staying on the good side of the city watch and making influential friends.
On a smaller scale, you’ve been trying for weeks to get Doorstop to charge on command, to no avail.

Relations with others:
Eilish Garrity, “The Sleuth”— Can be a pain since he always thinks he’s right. But the truth is, he’s right a lot. Good at ferreting out information and killing things with spells.

Gardek Stonebrow, “The Muscle”— The perfect soldier and someone who doesn’t ask inconvenient questions.

Milo Boggs, “The Specialist”— A wild card. Alchemy can be useful or deadly, and so can he. A bit bloodthirsty and prone to stealing anything not nailed down, but keeps his word.

The four of you have started your own small mercenary outfit called the Black River Irregulars, having scraped together enough money to set up shop in Fisherbrook. Your company is just getting established, taking on a variety of minor tasks—usually escort or bodyguard work but sometimes going after bounties or fighting for hire. You are a tight-knit group and rely on one another to get the jobs done. Keeping your numbers small keeps profits high. You’re still waiting on the city watch to approve your charter, and you know the main person in a position to make that happen is Watch Sergeant Morton Rorke, who has let you operate without a charter so long as you help him out from time to time. He keeps saying it won’t be long before your group can become legit, but you’re starting to wonder.

Your standing: You’re the captain of the Irregulars, so you’re in charge. But it’s not like you’re running a military outfit here. The people you’re working with don’t respond well to having orders shouted at them, so you have to rely more on persuasion and showing good tactical sense.

Colbie Sterling

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