Eilish Garrity

"The Brains"


Male Human (Thurian) Gifted Arcanist / Investigator
Height 6’ 2”, Weight 180lbs, Faith: Morrowan

PHY 5, SPD 6, STR 4, AGL 3, PRW 4, POI 4, INT 4, ARC 4, PER 5
WILL 9, CMD 4,
DEF 13, ARM 12, INIT 15

Gifted, Fast Caster, Great Power, Rune Reader, Astute, Hyper Perception

Hand Weapon 1

Detection 1, Sneak 1, Forensic Science 1, Interrogate 2, Law 1, Lore (Arcane) 1, Medicine 1, Research 1

Cygnaran, Caspian, Thurian


Tailored Plate SPD 0, DEF -1, ARM 7
Sword MAT 5 P+S 8

Charcoal, 5 pieces
Flint Striker
Fountain Pen and Inkwell
Map case
Paper, 10 sheets
Magnifying Glass

Arcane Bolt
2 12" – 11 NO YES
Aura of Protection
Light in the Darkness


Description: Tall and lanky fellow with dirty blond hair. You wear stylish tailored plate armor that fits perfectly, with blackened steel plates connected by mail, and you carry a simple and short sword on your belt. Easily mistaken for a knight or noble’s retainer, you have surprised more than one enemy with your spells. You wear goggles but often push them up. Your well-organized pack stows books, writing implements, spyglass, magnifying glass, etc. You walk with a swagger and often wear a knowing smirk.

Background: As soon as you knew you had the Gift of Magic, you figured your future was secured. You got your start in Ceryl with a mentor who was a member of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry, but he disappeared on a trip to Ord. While snooping around to find out what happened to him you discovered you had a knack for unearthing the truth. As for your mentor— well, it wasn’t pretty, as it involved being frozen solid by a Khadoran sorcerer. Afterward you sought formal training in forensics from Corvis University. Such matters appeal to your morbid curiosity.
You decided to make a living as a freelancer and hooked up with several skilled mercenaries in Fisherbrook who could use your skills. You have become (in your own mind at least) the brains of the Black River Irregulars. They rely on you to find out what’s really going on. You have a strong rapport with Watch Sergeant Rorke, and this has worked out well for the company.

Attitude: Most people are stupid and make a lot of mistakes. This is good, since it helps keep you alive. Always best to presume the worst and prepare for a horrible outcome, just in case. There are few problems that can’t be solved by the application of deduction or an arcane bolt.

Personal goal: Lately you’ve been having some unpleasant run-ins with members of the Order of the Golden Crucible in the city. The head of the local order had some kind of grudge against your old mentor, now carried over to you. His thugs have occasionally gotten in your way, and you’re eager to show those amateurs what a real arcanist is capable of doing.

Relations with others:
Colbie Sterling, “The Boss”— Sometimes a bit pushy but highly competent, particularly in battle. You prefer her yelling at her laborjack rather than you. But you work together well, mostly.

Gardek Stonebrow, “The Muscle”— Has saved your bacon a few times, and you’ve returned the favor. Best not to stand in his way when he gets his blood up.

Milo Boggs, “The Specialist”— Possibly deranged but an excellent throw with a grenade. Seems to find locked boxes and doors personally offensive.

The four of you have started your own small mercenary outfit called the Black River Irregulars, having scraped together enough money to set up shop in Fisherbrook. Your company is just getting established, taking on a variety of minor tasks—musually escort or bodyguard work but sometimes going after bounties or fighting for hire. You are a tight-knit group and rely on one another to get the jobs done. Keeping your numbers small keeps profits high. You’re still waiting on the city watch to approve your charter, and you know the main person in a position to make that happen is Watch Sergeant Morton Rorke, who has let you operate without a charter so long as you help him out from time to time. He keeps saying it won’t be long before your group can become legit, but you’re starting to wonder.

Your standing: Technically you’re a lieutenant, but that doesn’t mean much. The captain is in charge and no one pays attention when you give orders. You’re also head of “company security,” which means trying to find out who’s trying to murder you before they manage it. So far, so good.

Eilish Garrity

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