Zechariah 'Fire Wolf' Lozen


Male Human Gifted Priest/ Investigator
Height 6’ 2”, Weight 175lbs, Faith: Menite

PHY 5, SPD 6, STR 4, AGL 3, PRW 5, POI 4, INT 4, ARC 4, PER 4
DEF 12, ARM 11, INIT 15

Initial Advancement (PRW, ARC, PER)
Exceptional Potential (INT)
Combat Caster, Dispel, Hyper Perception, Astute, Language (Khadoran)

Hand Weapon 1, Great Weapon 1

Detection 1, Forensic Science 1, Interrogation 1, Law 1, Lore(Menite Faith) 1, Medicine 1, Oratory 1, Sneak 1

Sulese, Llaelese, Khadoran

Menite Temple

Guided Blade CST 1 RNG 6 AOE - POW - UP N OFF N
Target +1 MAT and Magic Weapon 1 rd
Ignite CST 2 RNG 6 AOE - POW - UP Y OFF N
Target +2 Melee Damage and Crit Fire
Immolation CST 2 RNG 8 AOE - POW 12 UP N OFF Y
Fire Damage, Crit Fire

Custom Battle Armor SPD 0 DEF -1 ARM 6
Menofix Great Sword MAT 6 P+S 10
Menofix Sword MAT 6 P+S 7
Menofix Shield MAT 6 P+S 4

Menite Priest Robes
Menofix Necklace
Surgical Kit

21 gc


Menoth works in mysterious ways.

Zechariah had always been a devote Menite, growing up in the Protectorate makes you strong physically and strong in faith. When he was still a child the Temple selected him to become a member of the priesthood after sensing the workings of divine power within him. After years of training both the body and the soul he was given the task of being a Scrutator, the final word in the interpretation of the law of Menoth. The daily task of enforcing the will of Menoth often brings the Scrutators in contact with every aspect of life within the Protectorate both the good and the bad.

After years of service to his temple Zechariah felt the call of the Missionary Crusader and received the blessing of the priesthood to go forth and spread the fire of the creator to those not blessed to be within the Protectorate.

Setting no path for himself simply following the urgings of Almighty Menoth he sent out to spread the faith with speech and sword.

Zechariah 'Fire Wolf' Lozen

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