Gardek Stonebrow

"The Muscle"


Male Trollkin (Urban) Mighty Bounty Hunter / Man-at-Arms
Height 7’ 0”, Weight 310lbs, Faith: Dhunian

PHY 7, SPD 5, STR 6, AGL 4, PRW 4, POI 2, INT 3, ARC X, PER 3
WILL 10, CMD 4,
DEF 11, ARM 15, INIT 12

Mighty, Feat: Revitalize, Feat: Tough, Feat: Vendetta, Binding, Defensive Line, Shield Guard, Take Down

Hand Weapon 2, Great Weapon 1, Rifle 1, Shield 1

Detection 2, Command 1, Intimidation 1, Negotiation 1, Rope Use 1, Tracking 1

Molgur-Trul, Cygnaran


Tailored Plate SPD 0, DEF -1, ARM 7
Warhammer MAT 4 P+S 11
Shield MAT 5 P+S 6

Rope, Hemp 20’


Description: Hulking trollkin with a thick build, bluish-green skin tone, and a line of orange-red head quills. You wear well-fitting heavy plate armor, to which you’ve affixed as many spikes as possible. You’re strong enough to wield your massive war hammer in one hand, but you sling it across your back when not in use. You also carry a weighty shield with the Irregulars symbol on it and a pack containing a bedroll, coil of rope, etc.

Background: After growing up in Fisherbrook, you’re used to being around humans, and you’ve always had a knack for fighting. You were always close with your brother, and the two of you were a good fighting team, taking on your first mercenary work together. You have worked both as a sword-for-hire and a bounty hunter, the main difference being whether you get extra pay if your target is alive after you’re done. You made friends with a few smart humans needing some muscle and together formed the Black River Irregulars. Collecting bounties has been a profitable sideline for the company and is usually worth enough to buy your drinks at the local tavern, so it works out for everyone.

Attitude: Life as a Black River Irregular is good. You have friends that watch your back, and you’d take a bullet for any of them. It helps that as a trollkin you don’t feel as much pain as the soft-skinned humans. They sure whine a lot after being stabbed or shot. You aren’t cruel, but you are good at hurting things. It’s just a job— albeit one where you excel.

Personal goal: You know of a few high-stakes bounties that were posted at City Hall and are eager to bring them in. After some bad luck gambling lately you could really use the extra coin. You’re keeping your eyes peeled for any of those shady characters.

Take on group members:
Colbie Sterling, “The Boss”— A good leader. It’s best to do what she says. Her ’jack is as dumb as a stump but is handy as an obstacle to stick in front of enemies.

Eilish Garrity, “The Sleuth”— Magic-slinger, quite clever, but talks too much.

Milo Boggs, “The Specialist”— Likes to throw grenades best not to stand where they land. Definitely soft-skinned, so requires protecting.

The four of you have started your own small mercenary outfit called the Black River Irregulars, having scraped together enough money to set up shop in Fisherbrook. Your company is just getting established, taking on a variety of minor tasks—usually escort or bodyguard work but sometimes going after bounties or fighting for hire. You are a tight knit group and rely on one another to get the jobs done. Keeping your numbers small keeps profits high. You’re still waiting on the city watch to approve your charter, and you know the main person in a position to make that happen is Watch Sergeant Morton Rorke, who has let you operate without a charter so long as you help him out from time to time. He keeps saying it won’t be long before your group can become legit, but you’re starting to wonder.

Your standing: Technically you’re a sergeant, but that doesn’t mean much since there are only four of you. You’re also involved in “ancillary contract acquisition,” according to Eilish. That just means you keep an eye out for bounties the group can track down for extra money.

Gardek Stonebrow

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