Kapt BoomShield


Male Trollkin Mighty Man-at-arms / Military Officer
Height 6’ 8”, Weight 300lbs, Faith: Dhunian

PHY 7, SPD 5, STR 6, AGL 3, PRW 5, POI 2, INT 3, ARC *, PER 3
WILL 10, CMD 7
DEF 9, ARM 15, INIT 13

Initial Advancement (PHY, STR, PRW)
Tough, Feat: Revitalize, Feat: Counter Charge, Defensive Line, Shield Guard, Battleplan: Call to Action, Natural Leader, Team Leader

Great Weapon 2, Hand Weapon 1, Pistol 1, Shield 1

Command 2, Detection 1, Medicine 1, Navigation 1

Molgur-Trul, Cygnaran


Chain Mail SPD 0 DEF -2 ARM 7
Warhammer MAT 6 P+S 11
Shield MAT 6 P+S 6
Pistol RNG 4 RAT 3 POW 10
5 Light Rounds

Officer’s Uniform
Map (Local Terrain)
Military Ration (x3)

36 gc


Kapt Boomshield is from Cygnar. He came with his kriel wanting adventure and fame. They all heard of the famous trollkin warlock Gunnbjorn of Cygnar. His Kriel was able to enlist in the Cygnar military. They weren’t posted as trenchers. Instead they were posted in a small town as guard for their toughness. Boomshield was a bit saddened for not following the same training as Gunnbjorn but he always preferred feeling his fist in the face of an enemy then firing from afar. He soon became the leader of his small Kriel. He learned basic medical skills and they formed a wall of iron for the enemy.

One day, the Cryx attacked the small town. They killed every one, Kapt Boomshield was the only survivor. He was judged dead by Cygnar military. Boomshield doesn’t know why or how but the only thing he knows is that he wants revenge over Cryx for killing his family. Ever since that day he has not been the same. He charges rashly into melee. When he joins battle against cryx, as a mercenary, he fights to the last man standing.

Now he joined a strange group. They remind him of his Kriel, which allows him to be less rash and work more defensively. With them he hopes to be able to find the group that attacked his town and maybe live a bit longer and better.

Kapt BoomShield

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