Kreez Greeble


Male Gobber Intellectual Rhulic Field Mechanik / Highwayman
Height 3’ 0”, Weight 52lbs, Faith: -

PHY 4, SPD 6, STR 3, AGL 4, PRW 4, POI 4, INT 5, ARC *, PER 3
DEF 13, ARM 9, INIT 13

Initial Advancement (POI, INT, INT)
Deft, Photographic Memory, Rhulic Jack Marshall, Bodge, Hit the Deck!, Ambush, Saddle Shot, Langage (Rhulic)

Hand Weapon 1, Pistol 2

Animal Handling 1, Command 1, Craft (Metalworking) 1, Detection 1, Mechanikal Engineering 1, Intimidation 1, Riding 1

Gobberish, Cygnarin, Rhulic


Armored Great Coat SPD 0 DEF -1 ARM 5
Repeating Pistol RNG 8 RAT 6 POW 10
10 Light Rounds

Mechanik’s tool kit
Ammo Bandolier
Dry Ration x4

40 gc

a name for the jack


A lifetime ago, or what seems like one anyway, Kreez was a
wanted criminal. He was a member of a band of highwaymen that terrorized
travelers all along the Imer Highway. Too small to ride a horse, his trusty
steed was a bull mastiff he called Geoff.
Together, they made a name for themselves and life was good.

His luck changed one day when Geoff took a bullet in the
hind quarters during a hasty retreat. The small caravan Kreez and his fellow
criminals had beset was better armed than initially estimated, and the
defenders much more skilled. Sprawled a few paces from his mount, Kreez watched
as the caravan guard put a bullet through Geoff’s head and resigned himself to
his fate. To his surprise, the guards did not execute him. Instead he was made
prisoner and made the responsibility of what appeared to be the Mechanik in
charge of the laborjacks that were pulling the great carts piled with goods.
They were squat little things, not much taller than Greez himself.

Greez was later informed by the caravan leader that he had a
choice. Be turned over to the authorities and face the consequences of his life
of crime, or become the indentured servant of the caravan. The choice was
obvious. Thus, Kreez became the unofficial apprentice of the caravan’s
Mechanik. Years passed, and Kreez developed
a certain rapport with the old Rhulian Mechanik. He learned about Rhulian Jacks
and how to maintain them, how to repair them, and most importantly how to
control and bond with them. He found it a bit odd that the old mechanic would
empart such secrets upon him, but he thought nothing more of it. He was getting
access to some very well guarded knowledge, and he liked it. Many more years
passed and Kreez was enjoying his life with the travelling merchants. His indentured
service had long passed and he had chosen to remain with the caravan. Mostly
because of his friendship with the mechanic (whose name I haven’t thought of

The day came, though, when his friend was tired of
travelling and decided to settle down and retire. Feeling saddened by it and
not wanting to settle down, Kreez was unsure what to do. The old Rhulian saw
this and gifted Kreez with one of his old Grundbacks that they slightly
modified so that it could accommodate a saddle.
Overjoyed, the little gobber took to the open road immediately,
promising his old friend that he would come back and visit when he had made
something of himself.

Kreez Greeble

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