Milo Boggs

"The Specialist"


Male Human (Morridane) Skilled Alchemist / Thief
Height 5’ 8”, Weight 150lbs, Faith: Morrowan

PHY 5, SPD 7, STR 4, AGL 4, PRW 4, POI 4, INT 4, ARC X, PER 4
DEF 14, ARM 10, INIT 15

Conniver, Dodger, Grenadier, Poison Resistance, Skilled, Virtuoso (Throwing Knives)
Thrown 2

Lockpicking 2, Sneak 1, Alchemy 1, Medicine 2, Bribery 1, Deception 1, Escape Artist 1, Streetwise 1, Pickpocket 2

Cygnaran, Thurian (Five Cant)


Alchemist’s Leather SPD 0, DEF -1, ARM 5 (+3 vs Blast and Elements)
Grenades RNG 8 RAT 6 POW *
Thrown Knife(x6) RNG 6 RAT 6 POW 6 Virtuoso
Knife MAT 5 P+S 6
Knife MAT 5 P+S 6

Gas Mask
Traveling Alchemist Kit
Grenadier’s Bandolier
Theif’s Tools
Knife Bandolier
Throwing Knife (x4)
Alchemical Restorative (x2)

Acid Bomb x1
Cinder Bomb x1
Explosive Grenade x6
Smoke Grenade x4

12 gc


Description: A bit short and wiry, with a pocked and weathered face usually hidden by your gas mask. You wear alchemist’s leather armor, which includes a lot of pouches, plus a heavy leather cloak (and the gas mask). Two bandoliers cross your chest, one with half a dozen alchemical grenades, the other with four throwing knives.

Background: You grew up in a swampie village north of Corvis where the standard meal is swamp oysters and frogs on sticks. You ran away from home early and made your way to the streets of Corvis, a hard life for a youth. You learned about survival in the gutters but proved intelligent and skilled enough to catch the notice of an apothecary and poisoner, who took you under his wing. He taught you alchemy, which you took to with enthusiasm, quickly finding ways to apply it to your nocturnal activities. You were fascinated by the purity of the science and its ability to reduce anything to its fundamentals, particularly in a vat of acid. It was an expensive pursuit, though, and acquiring the proper tools required purloining a few items, which got you on the wrong side of the law.

A little while ago you did a favor for Colbie Sterling and she brought you in on her fledgling mercenary group. They’re a solid bunch. Having backup makes a lot of heists . . . er, jobs . . . easier. The thing is, the city watch would be very interested in learning that you were behind some of these crimes, and recent work for Watch Sergeant Rorke has left you feeling uneasy. You could jeopardize the group’s standing if Rorke figures out who you are. You’ve maintained a low profile around him by keeping your mask on.

Attitude: Mercenary work is exciting and gives opportunities to experiment in the field. You like the organized chaos after a well-placed grenade lands amid people otherwise bent on killing you. You enjoy your reputation as being ruthless, but you go out of your way to avoid hurting your friends, who have learned to appreciate how surgical you are with your grenades and knives.

Personal goal: You’re hoping to earn money and acquire the gear to set up a proper lab and crank out the grenades. You may have to pilfer a few things to get started, so keep an eye out for useful scavenge.

Relation to others:
Colbie Sterling, “The Boss”— Worthy of respect; she got you this gig, and she knows her tactics. You like targeting her ’jack Doorstop when he’s in the thick of it, using some of your grenades that won’t affect it.

Gardek Stonebrow, “The Muscle”— Solid fighter, always willing to take the hits so you don’t have to. Best to stay on his good side.

Eilish Garrity, “The Sleuth”— Bit of a know-it-all. His magic is impressive, but it’s nothing that can’t be replicated with the right grenade or proper salve.

The four of you have started your own small mercenary outfit called the Black River Irregulars, having scraped together enough money to set up shop in Corvis. Your company is just getting established, taking on a variety of minor tasks—usually escort or bodyguard work but sometimes going after bounties or fighting for hire. You are a tight-knit group and rely on one another to get the jobs done. Keeping your numbers small keeps profits high. You’re still waiting on the city watch to approve your charter, and you know the main person in a position to make that happen is Watch Sergeant Morton Rorke, who has let you operate without a charter so long as you help him out from time to time. He keeps saying it won’t be long before your group can become legit, but you’re starting to wonder.

Your standing: According to your pay grade, you’re a sergeant. You’re in
charge of “alchemical production,” which basically means making a pile
of grenades. And that’s just fine with you.

Milo Boggs

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